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Published Time: 09.06.2024 - 16:05:54 Modified Time: 09.06.2024 - 16:05:54

Signaling that he's to be lapped and should shove over to let Verstappen past. Canadian Grand Prix

We've been see-sawing all weekend between sun and rain, and that's carried through this race so far. Russell's reported it's still wet around Turns 1 and 2, but dry elsewhere.

Signaling that he's to be lapped and should shove over to let Verstappen past.

Quite the slice of humble pie for the driver who won in Monaco just two weeks ago.

You'd think we'd be closer to the end given all the action we've seen so far. Nope! Thirty-five laps to go.

He threads the needle around Ricciardo and then under Ocon through the final chicane. Wicked, wicked move.

He lost nine seconds in the first sector alone to Verstappen and just set a 1:44.706 lap time, nearly 20 seconds off the fastest lap of the day.

That's the advice to Charles Leclerc, the only driver who's ditched the intermediates for slick hard tires as the rain approaches.

Um. OK. Leclerc tells Ferrari on the radio that it's worth taking a risk. When all the radars show there is rain coming, Ferrari are rolling the dice.

We'll likely start with those inters being put to immediate use.

The RB driver got dinged with a five-second penalty for a false start from P5, and after serving it during that safety car pit stop, he's down to P10.

That really hurt Norris in the end. He emerges from the pit lane with a fresh set of intermediates but is down in third place, behind Verstappen and Russell, and only marginally stayed ahead of Piastri in the sister McLaren.

Normally, each driver must run two different tire compounds during the grand prix, effectively mandating at least one pit stop. But in these wet conditions, everyone's allowed to stay on the intermediate tires for the duration of the 70-lap race if they like. So far, it's stayed wet enough to keep the slicks out of play.

That's a rough break for Lando Norris. He was flying at the front, moving 10 seconds clear of Verstappen. Not only has that been wiped away by the safety car, but he also missed the chance to pit while Verstappen and Russell both came in. Russell has the quicker stop but is out just behind Verstappen.

That's the second time he's gone off in this grand prix, and he won't recover as he gets out of the car and the safety car comes out.

Norris has just taken another two seconds in hand at the front, stretching the gap to Verstappen to four seconds, and growing — make that nearly five. Russell's return to the track after going off at the chicane has been noted by the stewards.

Ed.'s note: Make that 5.4 seconds.

The skies are darkening, even on TV.

Easily done for Norris. He almost went for the lunge into the hairpin before thinking better of it, instead using DRS to fly past Russell. Russell makes a mistake into the chicane and that allows Verstappen through to second place. Lando Norris is in a great position now!

A fine move by Norris to get second there off Verstappen. DRS is powerful here in Canada, and we saw that in full effect. He's looked quicker for the last few laps. And he's already on Russell's tail!

Things have gotten dry enough to let the drag reduction system to come into play. Verstappen's 1.8 seconds off Russell in the lead, and needs to be within a second to take advantage of the speed boost.