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Published Time: 25.06.2024 - 01:02:43 Modified Time: 25.06.2024 - 01:02:43

Colombia 2-1 Paraguay Colombia vs Paraguay

Colombia have now beaten Paraguay three straight times at Copa America, matching the longest winning run they've ever had against that opponent in the tournament.

Colombia have also won their opening game at four straight Copa America tournaments, their longest such streak since 1983 to 1993.

Colombia 2-1 Paraguay

Nine wins on the bounce for Colombia, and 24 matches since their last defeat. Despite a nervier-than-expected closing 20 minutes, they look as dynamic and as fired-up as their amazing run of form suggests.

One last half-chance for Paraguay but their final shot is closer to clearing the stadium roof than it is to troubling Colombia's goalkeeper.

The referee whistles for full time shortly thereafter and Colombia have held on to take all three points!

90+5' Colombia 2-1 Paraguay

Well, it's been real. Colombia's fans popped some smoke bombs and the fire alarm in the press box is now going off.

Looks like we'll be ushered out of here shortly.

90+4' Colombia 2-1 Paraguay

Paraguay manager Daniel Garnero is upset something and makes his feelings quite clear, earning himself a yellow card.

90+2' Colombia 2-1 Paraguay

Colombia make their final subs as James Rodríguez, assister of both of their goals, comes off to a great ovation alongside Jhon Arias. Juan Fernando Quintero and Kevin Castaño come on in their place.

Paraguay make their final sub as well, surprisingly taking off Julio Enciso. Matías Rojas comes on in his stead.

90+1' Colombia 2-1 Paraguay

Six minutes for Paraguay to find a goal.

88' Colombia 2-1 Paraguay

After reviewing the play at the monitor, the referee announces to the largely pro-Colombia crowd that the penalty is disallowed!

Paraguay still have a chance to steal a result here.

84' Colombia 2-1 Paraguay

The referee spots Velazquez pulling on Mina, preventing him from winning a header at the back post, and points to the spot for a penalty without hesitation!

The Paraguay players surround him, they are livid. VAR is reviewing the call.

Worth noting that Velazquez has already been booked.

82' Colombia 2-1 Paraguay

Attendance is 67,059 tonight, 12,000 more than were here for Mexico vs Jamaica on Saturday. That's on a Monday afternoon, at 5PM, in 100-degree heat. Truly a huge number, all credit to the Colombian faithful.

80' Colombia 2-1 Paraguay

Paraguay make another double sub, bringing Adam Bareiro and Ángel Romero on in place of Alex Arce and Mathías Villasanti.

78' Colombia 2-1 Paraguay

Cubas catches Rios on the knee with a reckless high boot and is promptly shown a yellow card. Rios is in some pain, cameras showing blood coming from a cut on his knee.

77' Colombia 2-1 Paraguay

Rodriguez goes for goal this time, shooting around a defender but dragging the ball wide of the far post.

He vehemently tells the referee a corner should be given but a goal kick is the call.

75' Colombia 2-1 Paraguay

Rodriguez is too unselfish! Colombia break forward, Arias releasing Rodriguez on the left side, but the former Real Madrid man attempts to cut the ball back for a teammate instead of going for goal himself. He had a clear view of the near side of the goal but instead his pass is cut out by Balbuena.

72' Colombia 2-1 Paraguay

"The last time Paraguay came back from a two-goal deficit at Copa America?" I hear some of you asking now.

Well, the answer is 1947, when they beat Uruguay 4-2 after trailing 2-0.