Fire Melbourne: Factory fire in Melbourne's west brought under control,...

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Published Time: 10.07.2024 - 02:30:38 Modified Time: 10.07.2024 - 02:30:38

"We estimate that we're going to be here a couple of days because of the fuel load in this factory," she said. Fire Melbourne, derrimut fire, Derrimut, melbourne fire, derrimut fire today, fire derrimut

"We estimate that we're going to be here a couple of days because of the fuel load in this factory," she said.

Several roads around Swann Street have been closed, with nearby factories also evacuated.

Masses of smoke can be seen billowing across the sky from suburbs in Melbourne's west and east.

Near the scene, the ABC saw a charred drum barrel flying into the air from the fire, and landing a few hundred metres away. 

The ABC understands the fire is at the site of the ACB Group factory, where a worker died in a chemical explosion last year.

Deputy Commissioner Cowling said multiple 44-gallon drums of chemicals were continuing to explode.

"The warehouse itself is full with multiple types of chemicals, and those drums are being impinged by fire, so they are exploding and therefore they launch into the air and land outside of the fire perimeter," she said.

"So that's why we're encouraging to stay away."

 Warnings have been issued for surrounding suburbs. 

Anyone in areas affected by the thick black smoke has been urged to take shelter indoors immediately, and close all exterior windows, doors and vents. Heating and cooling systems should also be switched off.

Ravenhall worker Trent Chamberlain told the ABC he could see "thick, thick black smoke" from his office roughly three kilometres away.

"And every few minutes, a large fireball explosion [high into the air]," he said.

"It's still billowing out smoke, quite heavy black smoke, so it's clearly not contained … it looks really bad."

Ambulance Victoria said paramedics had been at the scene since 11:15am.

Victoria Police said there had been no reports of injuries and it was believed everyone inside the factory had been evacuated safely.

Swann Drive is closed to traffic, and outbound lanes of the Western Freeway are closed between the M80 Ring Road and Robinsons Road.

The Department of Transport and Planning said motorists should use Ballarat Road [Western Highway] to avoid road closures.

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