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Published Time: 11.06.2024 - 04:05:09 Modified Time: 11.06.2024 - 04:05:09

But at least for now, there’s no sign of RCS support in iOS 18 beta 1. iOS 18 beta

The company says Apple Intelligence will be released “in beta this fall.” In other words, there’s a huge chance that we won’t be able to get our hands on the new AI features before the launch of the new iPhones in September. It’s worth noting that the AI features require the A17 Pro or later for iPhone or M1 or later for iPad and Mac.

Apple confirmed last year that it would add support for RCS (Rich Communication Services) to the iPhone with a future software update. Now we know that RCS support is indeed coming with iOS 18.

With RCS, iPhone users can send rich messages with audio and larger media files to Android users. Although RCS messages will still have green bubbles, the Messages app will show the label “Text Message – RCS” in the conversation.

But at least for now, there’s no sign of RCS support in iOS 18 beta 1.

After years, Apple is finally redesigning the Mail app. Now, the app will automatically filter and categorize emails into categories such as transactions, updates, and promotions. There’s also a category for emails considered important. The new version of Mail also makes it easier to find and view emails with receipts and newsletters from the same sender.

But the bad news is – you guessed it – the new Mail app is not available in iOS 18 beta 1. Apple says the app will be introduced “later this year” with a future iOS 18 update.

Apple is using machine learning to power a new Safari feature called Highlights, which is able to identify relevant information such as an address or a link to a song on a webpage and show it to you. Safari Reader has also been redesigned to summarize articles.

Although the new version of Safari is already included with iOS 18 beta 1 and macOS 15 beta 1, the new AI features are not currently available.

Both macOS 15 and iOS 18 introduce iPhone Mirroring, which is a new way of interacting with your iPhone from your Mac. The feature lets you see and control your iPhone screen from your computer without having to touch your phone. You can also drag and drop files between macOS and the mirrored iPhone.

At least in beta 1, this feature is not available.

Apple Vision Pro is getting its first major software update with visionOS 2, and one of the new features is Panoramic Mac Virtual Display – which basically gives users the option of seeing their Mac screen as a huge ultrawide display. Apple says it’s the equivalent of having two 4K screens side by side.

Even if you install visionOS 2 beta on your Vision Pro, Apple says that Panoramic Mac Virtual Display won’t be available until later this year with a future update.

There are many other new features to be explored in the betas released today. However, we’ll have to wait until some of the most exciting features become available.