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Published Time: 20.06.2024 - 09:13:55 Modified Time: 20.06.2024 - 09:13:55

I’ve had to bear witness to some truly horrible comments on the fact that this is a bank holiday. Some come from customers who are largely expressing irritation at inconvenience, though there is not a similar level of grousing Memorial Day. I have tried to respond in bright and positive fashion. At worst, I have said that, with all the work I still have in the garden, I appreciate the day off in the middle of the week. But in my better moments, I have painted a picture of the joy of being freed and the nearly involuntary need to celebrate freedom. We celebrate the beginning of the war for freedom from monarchical rule. Why is this any different? Juneteenth, what is juneteenth, juneteenth 2024

So to put today in human context… tonight will be a short summer night, one of many that feel more or less the same to my human body. Tomorrow the sun will rise very early and I will rise to greet the new day and savor the unfolding of time. These are the scales of a human life. And that, too, is good.

So what is this Welsh cultural attitude and why does it matter so much in a book the history of the landscape? In summary, it is the deeply held conviction that the land and its are inextricably intertwined.