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Published Time: 26.06.2024 - 13:04:48 Modified Time: 26.06.2024 - 13:04:48

Here’s what to know the case. Karen Read, karen read verdict, Karen Read trial

Here’s what to know the case.

O’Keefe, who had been a Boston police officer for 16 years, was found unresponsive outside Albert’s home and later pronounced dead at a hospital on Jan. 29, 2022. An autopsy found he had died of hypothermia and blunt force trauma. Read andO’Keefe dated for two years before his death.

Central to the prosecution’s case was testimony from several first responders that they had heard Read yell: “I hit him. I hit him. Oh my God. I hit him.” Prosecutors,according to the AP, also point to angry phone messages that Read allegedly sent to O’Keefe hours before he died, and a voice message she left O’Keefe moments after she drove away from the house partyin which they said she was “seething in rage” and screaming at O’Keefe.

Defense lawyers for Read say O’Keefe was beaten up inside Albert’s home and bitten by Albert’s dog before being brought outside, citing evidence of dog scratches on his body alongside his injuries. They argue Read is a “convenient outsider” framed for his murder and the subject of an elaborate law enforcement cover up to protect the real killer, whom they do not name but imply was at the party. Read did not take the stand during the trial. She told reporters outside the court on Tuesday: “There is no case against me … after eight weeks, it’s smoke and mirrors, and it’s going through my private life and trying to contrive a motive that was never there.”

Another point of contention has been connections between now retired officer Albert and the state trooper who led the investigation, Michael Proctor — who has acknowledged sending offensive messages Read to his friends, family and fellow troopers during the investigation.

Proctor admitted making comments to supervisors not finding nude photos of Read while looking through her phone, the AP reported. He told the court his remarks had no influence on the investigation and has apologized for his language. Read’s lawyers have also argued there had been several conflicts of interest in the investigation of the case, including that many attending the house party knew the investigators.

Medical evidence presented to the court has been divided. Some experts testified that they would have expected more bruising if O’Keefe had been hit by a heavy vehicle and suggested he had scratch marks on his arm consistent with dog bites, while others said the injuries were consistent with being hit by a large car.