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Published Time: 15.05.2024 - 12:15:08 Modified Time: 15.05.2024 - 12:15:08

“That’s kind of been whispered for a while,” Marek responded. Leon Draisaitl

I’ll say flat out, that sounds like a real, real reach to me.

But when not only one, but two NHL insiders are speculating openly it?

Well, it’s a fun off-season story, at least.

“Do you think Draisaitl would go to San Jose because their owner is German?” ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski asked on “The Jeff Marek Show”, at roughly the 28-minute mark today. “Have you ever heard that?”

“That’s kind of been whispered for a while,” Marek responded.

Wyshynski counted off the reasons why Draisaitl, a UFA after the 2024-25 season, could be interested in the San Jose Sharks besides their German owner Hasso Plattner: “Emerging market, great young players. They will obviously compensate him.”

“ have speculated on that now for at least a year, maybe longer,” Marek said.

So keep in mind, this is pure speculation.

Weird how me and Marek both heard Draisaitl and the Sharks through our travels through the back rooms where the 200 Hockey Men hang out… https://t.co/GxuBBgZPhT

— Greg Wyshynski (@wyshynski) May 14, 2024

The 28-year-old superstar’s timeline doesn’t seem to match the rebuilding San Jose Sharks’, but there’s no doubt that the 2020 Hart Trophy winner, who’s topped both 40 goals and 100 points five times each, would be a dream addition to any team’s line-up.

And if Draisaitl wants to be, the centerman could be a $100 million dollar man when he becomes a free agent in the summer of 2025, potentially just the third in the last decade, following teammate Connor McDavid in 2017, eight years for $100 million, and Nathan MacKinnon in 2022, eight years for $100.8 million.

Meanwhile, if Draisaitl’s Stanley Cup-minded Edmonton Oilers, down 2-1 to the Vancouver Canucks in their second-round series, lose, both Wyshynski and Marek believe a “most chaotic off-season” could be coming to Oil Country.

If that meant Edmonton trying to trade Draisaitl this summer — I’m honestly not sure why they would, win or lose in the playoffs — they would likely have many suitors, and rebuilding San Jose would probably be priced out of the bidding. The Sharks’ best hope for Draisaitl, if you could call such a longshot “hope”, would probably be via free agency.

That’s a lot of dots to connect to get Draisaitl to the San Jose Sharks, but it sounds like, until Edmonton or another team extends him, the rumor mill has already begun for 2025’s star free agent.

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I don’t think any one player is worth what he will probably end up getting on his 2025 deal. Even not quite fitting out timeline, he’s way too good to pass up if he would sign a $12m x 7 year deal. The Sharks would really have to do a lot this season to rebuild the brand to even get him to consider though. I don’t think he signs without a long and short term plan for the defense, and the young forward prospects stating to prove something in the NHL.

Honestly, what would it take though?

Eklund, LVKs 1st, SJ 1st in 2025 and 2026 both unprotected and what else? If LD doesn’t want to sign an extension you would have to think there is not much they could get for him trade-wise unless he signed an extension. If he were willing to sign an extension in SJ, and nowhere else, the Sharks would have the upper hand.

Imagine Draisatl, Smith, Macklin, Musty + whoever else pops from the draft? Would accelerate their timeline exponentially.

You don’t trade unprotected first rounders in a rebuild. If Draisatl wants to sign in 2025 as a Free Agent that’s different.

But in no way is GMMG trading asessts at this point.

Agreed. If all it takes is money and cap space when he’s a UFA then I’m in 100%. But no trading #1 picks yet unless it’s to bring in young NHL ready #1D prospects.

I don’t agree with that. GMs trade assets for those kinds of players ahead of free agency so the player doesn’t have the chance to get a boatload of offers.

Maybe I was a little generous with the amount of unprotected first round picks but LD paired with Smith, Macklin, top-5 pick next year and potentially Musty, Gusch, Muk and others in the farm you would have an almost instant contender. He would be part of the next 8-years and would be like acquiring Joe Thornton in 2005. Albeit a lot earlier in the proverbial window but still.

Agreed. And i’d think that Grier will avoid the mistakes of his predecessor with the long term NTCs

Also, even if he were to trade say this year’s 14th and/or the second 1st rounder in 2025, I would think that the Sharks would be looking more towards strengthening their blue line, not yet another forward regardless of who he may be.

Trading Eklund is a non-starter, full stop.

Patience grasshopper.

Eklund should be viewed as an asset no matter what. Tiny wingers that lack high end speed and struggle in board battle typically don’t fare well when it comes to playoff hockey. I would keep developing him and if you can trade him straight up for a #1D prospect that should be the goal. Something similar to the Philly & Anaheim trade is what I hope for.


Tiny. Go luck up the meaning of the word. He’s built like a bird. NHL.com says 5’11” which is likely a stretch. Kids a nice player but he’s not a game breaker and not untouchable. Glad Grier doesn’t run the team on emotion like some of you would.

Oh, buddy. You really want to go there? You don’t have the credentials to be such a dick, my friend. There are several folks on this board who have forgotten more hockey than you’ll ever know. We’re all very glad you and your particular brand of confident ignorance aren’t in charge, either.

Yeah that’s not likely. Especially not at my age. You have no clue just how long I’ve been involved with the sport, who I’ve played with, against etc. Don’t make assumptions just to make yourself feel big. ????

As far as “we’re glad”? If you’re counting yourself with other emotional fans… I’m cool with that. The way Grier has dismantled the mistakes of the last regime has been text book. You didn’t think he was going to get to the rest of DWjr lollipop guild drafts? It’s coming…

That kind of thinking will never get a championship. The Avs once traded a 1OA true power forward in his prime that just put up 30 goals in a 48 game season for an offensive defenseman so they could win their first cup. No one is untouchable. Certainly not an undersized wing.

Gaudreau signed with Columbus when they were shitty.If Hasso’s checkbook opens anything is possible.Who knows, maybe they’ve back channeled the idea already. If the Sharks look like they’re headed up I could see it. Going to be a lot of cap space available after next season if they spend wisely this off season.

I don’t think you ‘back-channel’ anything because its called tampering and that’s how teams lose high draft picks.

You’re naive if you think it doesn’t happen. It could be as simple as someone like Sturm or a mutual friend asking him what he thinks SJ and “hypothetically” wouldn’t it be cool to play for a fellow German? Almost innocuous. It would seem like small talk. Happens in international relations all the time where the stakes are greater than just draft picks.

It would be really strange if the Sharks, after spending millions of dollars to get out of bloated long-term contracts, handed out another bloated, long-term contract only a year from now. Hertl was only 30 when they got out of his contract. Draisaitl would be pushing 30 by the time his next contract kicks in. I’m not comparing them as players, only the situation with their contracts. “That’s kind of been whispered for a while”. You know why it’s being whispered? Because saying it out loud without saying that it’s a reach makes you sound like you’ve been sniffing glue.

Hertl isn’t even in the same stratosphere as Drai. None of the players were at the point they were trade, maybe EK65 with his bloated scoring but clearly that was an outlier season. Comparing their contract situation without acknowledging the huge difference in level of player is maybe something someone does if they’ve spent too much time sniffing glue. ????

He literally acknowledged that fact in his fourth sentence. ????

I sincerely doubt having a largely disconnected owner who happens to be a countryman is even a minor consideration for who is going to be one of the highest sought-after free agents on the market.

Trading for him would just be flat out stupid and cost this organization a lot more than what he’s worth.

Now, if Sturm was head coach then as a FA I’d sign him…

We don’t have a no.97 over here and I seriously doubt he’s the same player without 97.

You realize he won MVP when 97 was injured most of one year. Have you ever actually watched him?

Ya he’s on offensive savant but he’s always beat up in the playoffs and wouldn’t be considered a 200’ two way big strong fast center with a stanly cup pedigree. I would rather pay 3 guys that have what it takes to be part of a core Stanley cup winning team

I’m preaching patience for 2024-25 season. The Sharks have a couple of building blocks now and an another high end piece come next season’s draft ought to be the end of the line for finishing at the bottom. After the upcoming season is when patience needs to dwindle. Still, trying to do too much, too quickly carries excess risk. If Leon is willing to take a season or 2 on a not yet competitive team, a deal makes some sense. The cap space will be there. Draisitl in 2025 is the sort of deal which can accelerate the Sharks return

I agree it’s unlikely to get LD. But even Sheng has called out next summer as a point when the sharks may look to bring in some major UFAs. Hasdo has been all in on big game hunting in the past. You don’t think he would live to bring in the greatest German player in NHL history?

Also, don’t count on another high pick next draft. I think you’re going to be disappointed. All these saying the sharks still won’t be better next season haven’t been listening to what Grier says and how he says it IMO.

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