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Published Time: 28.05.2024 - 15:04:37 Modified Time: 28.05.2024 - 15:04:37

“She sustained life threatening injuries, has undergone multiple extensive surgeries and is currently on life support,” Laverock’s parents wrote. “We are all devastated, in shock, at this intensely difficult time.” blogherads.adq.push(function () { blogherads .defineSlot( 'medrec', 'gpt-variety-article-mid-article-uid0' ) .setTargeting( 'pos', ["mid-article1","mid-articleX","mid","mid-article"] ) .setTargeting( 'viewable', 'yes' ) .setSubAdUnitPath("ros\/mid-article") .addSize([[300,250],[2,2],[300,251],[620,350],[2,4],[4,2],[320,480]]) ; }); Popular on Variety cnx.cmd.push(function() { cnx({ settings: { plugins: { pmcAtlasMG: { iabPlcmt: 2, } } }, playerId: 'fdaee7b3-292f-4a85-89bb-29a56b567de3', playlistId: 'b72f2c6f-1595-483c-96d6-68d4dea46afd', }).render("connatix_contextual_player_div"); }); Mamie Laverock

According to the GoFundMe campaign, Laverock’s mother traveled to Winnipeg, Canada, on May 11 to help Laverock with a “medical emergency.” “Nicole was able to get there in time to save her life,” the description reads. Laverock was then transferred to a hospital in Vancouver. At the time, her parents wrote that “her recovery is unclear” but “she is alive and is showing signs of improvement.”

Laverock fell off of a balcony on May 26, more than two weeks after her initial hospitalization. The details of Laverock’s medical emergency are unclear.

As of this publication, the fundraiser has collected more than $14,500 to aid in Laverock’s recovery.

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