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Published Time: 26.06.2024 - 12:01:55 Modified Time: 26.06.2024 - 12:01:55

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Zach Edey and Dalton Knecht will likely be drafted on Wednesday night. But what were they like as high school recruits? Photo by Brian Spurlock/Icon SportswireFollow on X

The 2024 NBA draft has plenty of prospects who first arrived on the national radar as high school All-Americans who ranked among ESPN's Top 100. Nine of the top 15 players on ESPN's current draft board are ranked (international players are not ranked).

Identifying, evaluating and hitting on these players is a boon for NBA scouts and decision-makers, sometimes even altering the trajectory of a franchise. After all, the NBA draft is all talent acquisition in the lottery, or unearthing valuable hidden gems later in the draft. This is a group of players with extraordinary work habits, perseverance and special traits.