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Peru 0-0 Chile Peru vs Chile

Ragnar P.: The lack of quality in this match is astonishing. It can’t just be nerves. Just horrific decision-making, execution, all of it.

Tom M.: Nothing too beautiful this match so far. Pretty sloppy.

Peru 0-0 Chile

Neither team reached an expected goals total of 1, but they combined for 37 fouls. That tells you all you need to know this match.

With defending World Cup and Copa America champions Argentina looking likely to advance to the knockout stage, we're nowhere nearer knowing which team from this group might accompany them.

The whistle blows for full time and the points are shared. Not a classic Copa America match, a frustrating night for both sets of attackers.

90+3' Peru 0-0 Chile

Guerrero catches Diaz in the face with his arm as both players contest for a high ball. Diaz stays down for a few moments after Guerrero is called for the foul.

Stoppage time is passing without much of a scoring chance...

90+1' Peru 0-0 Chile

Five minutes stand between this match and a goalless draw.

89' Peru 0-0 Chile

Zambrano makes an incredible tackle on Brereton Diaz to dispossess the Chile attacker in the Peru box!

85' Peru 0-0 Chile

Both sides have just made subs. Oliver Sonne came on for Peru as mentioned along with Luis Abram, while Andy Polo and Alexander Callens came off.

For Chile, Rodrigo Echeverria replaces Marcelino Nunez.

Chile have one sub remaining, Peru are out.

85' Peru 0-0 Chile

Sonne is also a high-cheekboned part-time runway model himself, which maybe explains the popularity of his shirt in this crowd even though this is just his fourth cap for Peru.

85' Peru 0-0 Chile

Here comes Oliver Sonne, the Denmark-born defender who qualifies for Peru through his grandparents. Here's a fact that sounds made-up but isn't: his aunt is supermodel Helena Christensen.

84' Peru 0-0 Chile

43,030 in attendance here tonight. Truly a great number given the opponents and location.

83' Peru 0-0 Chile

At 71, Peru manager Fossati is the oldest at the tournament by some distance, but the Uruguayan won’t let that stop him from rocking an unbuttoned shirt with a gold chain nestled in his chest hair.

79' Peru 0-0 Chile

Bravo stops a first-time shot from Lapadula on a Peru corner before making himself big to deny Guerrero on the follow-up attempt. Bravo comes off worse for wear after Guerrero slid into him contesting for the loose ball.

Alexis is booked for furious dissent afterwards.

75' Peru 0-0 Chile

To John's earlier point, not the finest start for Brereton Diaz, who slid the ball down the channel and then stood, perplexed, when no teammate was anywhere near it.

73' Peru 0-0 Chile

The crowd goes wild for Paolo Guerrero, who promptly reminds them that his legs have 40 years on them when he can’t catch up to a juicy through ball in the box.

73' Peru 0-0 Chile

Paolo Guerrero is almost certainly the only player in world football to have cited evidence relating to three frozen Inca child mummies in his defence in a doping case...

Child mummies aside, Guerrero is a legendary figure in South American football. He has been Peru's star man for the best part of two decades, and scored the goal that gave Brazilian side Corinthians a historic World Club Cup success against Chelsea in 2012. Whether he still has anything to offer is another question altogether: he hasn't scored from open play for Peru since the 2019 Copa America.

The mummy defence did underline one important point: everyone is innocent until Peruvian guilty.


The wild career of Paolo Guerrero – failed drugs test, Inca mummies and captaining Peru at 40

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73' Peru 0-0 Chile

The two oldest players in Copa America history are now both on the pitch – legendary Peruvian striker Paulo Guerrero has come on, joining Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.

Chilean-English striker Ben Brereton Diaz comes on for manager Ricardo Gareca, who has kept him out of the starting lineup lately due to having a down season with Sheffield United and lingering concerns Diaz’s ability to communicate with his teammates in Spanish.