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Published Time: 17.06.2024 - 10:06:39 Modified Time: 17.06.2024 - 10:06:39

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By Rebecca Schneid

o mark Father’s Day, Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, snapped a picture of her husband Prince William, and their children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 9, and Prince Louis, 6.

A post shared by The Prince and Princess of Wales (@princeandprincessofwales)

Middleton’s appearance at the parade, also known as Trooping the Colour, marked her return to the spotlighte after taking a break from public-facing duties since December 2023. In a video message released on March 22,  the Princess of Wales revealed she had been diagnosed with an undisclosed type of cancer following a planned abdominal surgery in January. She explained that she was undergoing a course of "preventative chemotherapy."

Before the announcement, Middleton was the subject of circling rumors and conspiracy theories regarding her wheres. Fueling the fire was a picture shared on U.K. Mother’s Day across the Prince and Princess of Wales’ social media accounts. The post showed  a photo of Middleton and her children. It was credited to Prince William and dated in 2024. 

Yet, soon after the image was shared, onlookers began to notice irregularities that suggested the picture had been altered.. International news agencies including the (AP), , Agence France Press, and Getty all took the rare decision to remove the photo from circulation, citing their notice of the irregularities as well. The AP even issued a “kill notification” for the photograph.