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Published Time: 01.07.2024 - 15:06:25 Modified Time: 01.07.2024 - 15:06:25

Renck: Context matters. If the Nuggets were constructing a roster to win 50 games, Westbrook makes sense. The idea is that they are supposed to win another title in the next few seasons. And in that case, Westbrook is a miss. They need a bigger move this offseason. It’s time to consider trading Michael Porter Jr. for two complementary pieces that include a shooting guard and a true backup center. They showed a willingness to accept the consequences of a second apron move when they engaged in trade talks for Paul George. Don’t let that failure stifle creativity. The Nuggets need to continue to think outside the lane as they find a way to return to the NBA Finals. Adding Westbrook? That’s as pedestrian as it gets. Russell Westbrook

Sean Keeler: Russell Westbrook? Tell ya what — compared to Reggie Jackson, he’s an upgrade. But compared to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope? I don’t know, man. The two finishing pieces, the two 3-and-D guys who turned an already good Nuggets roster into a title-winning one two years ago are now gone. The first defection, Bruce Brown, was never truly replaced. If you’re Booth, you can’t make that mistake twice. (I mean, you might. But you shouldn’t.) Yes, Westbrook ticks some of the right boxes — at 35, he’s affordable, he’s still tough, still physical, still a savvy slasher and playmaker. But in terms of being a “3-and-D” guy, sure, the D’s fine. But the 3-point shooting? Yikes. No thanks. I’m fine with it, but only if a couple of genuine marksmen are also on the way next who can replace KCP for 1-2-3. What say you?

Troy Renck: First time, long time listener: When has Westbrook worked as a missing piece for a championship team? I will hang up and listen. The answer is never. It failed horribly with the Lakers and, while he deflated his ego with the Clippers, the results were only marginally better. He gives you scoring through drives to the rim and is a decent passer. That could help the Nuggets’ second unit. But he shot 27.3% from beyond the arc last season. And I haven’t even brought up his long-running feud – tongue in cheek – with Rocky the Mascot as why this fit is questionable at best.