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Published Time: 22.05.2024 - 09:03:14 Modified Time: 22.05.2024 - 09:03:14

"I do not accept you are genuinely remorseful for your terrible actions," Justice Hollingworth said. Sven Lindemann

"I do not accept you are genuinely remorseful for your terrible actions," Justice Hollingworth said.

Lindemann will have to serve a minimum of 25 years before being eligible for parole.

On Wednesday, Ms Lezsak's friends and loved ones filled the gallery of the court, while Lindemann sat metres away in the dock dressed in a blue shirt and tie.

Lindemann shut his eyes as the judge read details of a psychologist's report which found the killer had "problematic gender-based beliefs" and "impossibly high standards" of women he dated.

The judge labelled Lindemann a remorseless hypocrite for being angry with Ms Lezsak for cheating on him, when Lindemann himself left his own wife and children in South Australia to be with Ms Lezsak four years earlier.

By April last year, Lindemann and Ms Lezsak's relationship had deteriorated to the point where she wanted to end it.

Lindemann also found out Ms Lezsak was romantically interested in another man who lived in Queensland.

On the morning of May 30, 2023, Lindemann waited until Ms Lezsak's father left their family home in Endeavour Hills, in Melbourne's south-east.

He armed himself and set upon Ms Lezsak in the ensuite and kitchen, where he was heard yelling: "You've ruined my life".

Lindemann inflicted 17 stab wounds on Ms Lezsak, who bled to death on the dining room floor.

Ms Lezsak's daughter suffered injuries to her hand while bravely trying to disarm Lindemann during the frenzied killing.

"My heart's shattered in pieces. My mum, I loved her so much," the girl told police during a triple-0 call.

Minutes after the murder, Lindemann tried to take his own life.

He later continued to blame the victim for what happened.

Lindemann was recorded telling his parents that Ms Lezsak "poured petrol onto the fire" by becoming involved with the Queensland man.

"She wrecked everything for me," he said.

The court heard Lindemann had no prior history of physical violence, but had been a controlling partner.

He had also been abusing anabolic steroids in the lead-up to the murder.

Murder carries a standard sentence of 25 years' jail in Victoria, although courts have the power to impose harsher penalties, including locking up the worst offenders for life.

Lindemann pleaded guilty to murder and recklessly causing injury to Ms Lezsak's daughter.

He was accused of shedding "crocodile tears" and sobbed loudly in a court hearing earlier this month.

"It's not remotely persuasive. It's a bit late for him to pretend he's remorseful," Justice Hollingworth said at the time.

Friends and family gathered outside the Supreme Court following the sentencing to share their grief.

Jacqueline Schwarcz was a close friend of Ms Lezsak and said that despite the sentencing, the loss was "unfixable".

"We are horrified and devastated by the actions that Sven has chosen to do to our beloved Monique," Ms Schwarcz said.

"There is no excuse for such actions, there is no amount of punishment that will be enough or replace our loss."

Ms Schwarcz said the death of Ms Lezsak served as a stark reminder to Australians the impact of violence against women.

"Today marks a time for all families that have suffered this type of loss," she said.

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