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Published Time: 06.07.2024 - 03:14:11 Modified Time: 06.07.2024 - 03:14:11

Speaking Thomas' passing, Wilson says, "I'm still in disbelief at times. Tirrell Thomas

"It's been a sad few days after finding out the passing of Tirrell," says Robert Wilson, aka Fresh IE. "He was such an amazing young man, so talented and gifted. He was going through a lot in his life."

Wilson would go on to mentor Thomas right up until the time of his death and says, "Every time I would see him, he would have so much passion when he performed. He had such a heart to help his family and do music and make his family proud. He always had the heart to want to be a part of something and have someone be proud of him. I've always seen that in him for sure."

Speaking Thomas' passing, Wilson says, "I'm still in disbelief at times.

Larry Abrams from The Color says he met Tirrell Thomas in 2008 while at work in Altona.

"I was working at Youth For Christ in Altona and one of my first experiences with Tirrell, he was one of the first drop-in kids that I met with his cousin. I was always nervous because he walked in with hockey gloves and was intense, so I always had a guard up. But he and I ended up connecting pretty quickly over music and sports."

When Abrams thinks of Thomas, he says that Thomas will be remembered as, "Incredibly encouraging. He had a significant amount of gusto. The guy never lacked energy when it came to anything in general. When it came to music, he just wanted to constantly create."

Abrams says "Back in the day in Altona, we started AMU, Altona's Most Underrated, it was a rap crew. We created a recording studio in the basement of the recording studio and he would always want to be there and make beats."