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Published Time: 27.05.2024 - 19:00:41 Modified Time: 27.05.2024 - 19:00:41

Walton not only overcame an injury-plagued pro career; he overcame a speech impediment to become one of the most entertaining, fun and beloved broadcasters of all time. He was amazingly intelligent, ridiculously funny and quick to poke fun at you and himself. When all would be thrilled to hear Bill talk himself and his rich life in the game, he would never fail to ask questions you and put the spotlight on others. He was genuinely interested in you. Bill Walton

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Walton made everything fun. Whether he was detailing the history of the saguaro cactus or the mystical powers of the desert, or quoting the Grateful Dead as if it were scripture, Walton was enjoying every minute of his existence, and making your existence around him meaningful and unforgettable.

He was a free spirit, with endearing eccentricity. But deep down, he was finding joy in others. Man, was Bill Walton fun.