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Published Time: 06.06.2024 - 22:13:28 Modified Time: 06.06.2024 - 22:13:28

Celtics players warmed up with special Walton tie-dye shirts, too. Celtics, Boston Celtics, mavs vs celtics, mavericks vs celtics

Celtics players warmed up with special Walton tie-dye shirts, too.

The Celtics will wear these before Game 1 to honor the legendary Bill Walton ????(via @VinceGoodwill) pic.twitter.com/HFzArqIMbg

— Yahoo Sports (@YahooSports) June 6, 2024

Walton's wife and four sons were in attendance for the game. There was a moment of silence for him before the game tipped off, too.

The Walton family pic.twitter.com/liXeNaM3Vm

— CJ Fogler account may or may not be notable (@cjzero) June 7, 2024

Before Game 1, the Celtics held a tribute and moment of silence for NBA legend Bill Walton. pic.twitter.com/8KmLWihnT2

Since his death, there has been an outpouring of celebration and tributes from in and around the sports world. Indiana Pacers coach and former Celtics guard Rick Carlisle has spoken out repeatedly his friend, and even told a great story how Walton set him up on a first date with his now wife at a Grateful Dead concert. Walton, who was unlike anybody else on the mic for ESPN, was a huge fan of the band and even received a tribute from Dead & Company at a concert last week.