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Published Time: 15.05.2024 - 17:19:05 Modified Time: 15.05.2024 - 17:19:05

I died a little inside. Arsenal

That day went much the same way as last night, though, as Spurs did not do their more successful neighbours a favour.

While Arsenal supporters on social media were debating how outwardly to cheer on their newly-found Middlesex brethren last night, I decided to fully embrace the Spurs experience. I convinced myself that Cristian Romero barrelling around like a bull in a china shop everywhere except central defence was a good thing. I cooed over the silky-smooth ball circulation of Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg.

I died a little inside.

For the first 45 minutes of the match, Spurs were surprisingly competent as the relentless — or should that be relentlessly dull — Manchester City cyborg showed glimpses of human fallibility.

Nerves? Fatigue? Playing in a stadium with less atmosphere than Mercury? Who could say.

I kept looking for excuses to walk away from the television and to not subject myself to surely one of my most debasing nights as a football fan.

City scoring through Erling Haaland early in the second half punctured the tension a little, the inevitable was under way and the cyborg chugged back into life.

Some have to do this every week, you know…