Furiosa: Furiosa- A Mad Max Saga Review...

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Yet it always feels human-focused. Remarkably, Anya Taylor-Joy does not even appear for the first hour or so — it’s credit to the casting of Alyla Browne, equally brilliant as younger Furiosa, that the transition is almost seamless. Both actors find the right balance of steeliness and fractured humanity that Theron instilled. Taylor-Joy, in particular, is phenomenal, her big, intense eyes standing out starkly against her engine-oil-smeared forehead, emoting subtly in a dialogue-light role. Chris Hemsworth’s Dementus, meanwhile, is a talker: a charismatic, frequently shirtless and increasingly chaotic despot ruling his armada of bikers — “a thousand mad bastards”, as he affectionately dubs them — from a petrol-powered Roman chariot. Through him, Furiosa wrestles with hope versus hate, with what justice and revenge look like in an inhuman world. Furiosa

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