Starmer is serial promise breaker, Tories warn : Thursday evening news briefing

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Published Time: 16.05.2024 - 19:40:15 Modified Time: 16.05.2024 - 19:40:15

Also from the Front Page newsletter Slovakian PM Robert Fico escapes death ‘by a hair’ as gunman charged

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Good evening. The Tories labelled Sir Keir Starmer a “serial promise breaker” as they responded to the Labour leader setting out six of his main general election pledges.

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Elsewhere, a suspected “lone wolf” gunman has been charged with the attempted murder of Robert Fico, the Slovakian prime minister, who was described as escaping death “by a hair”.

Starmer is serial promise breaker, Tories warn after Labour pledge launch

Sir Keir used a campaign rally in Essex this morning to unveil a new version of Labour’s traditional pledge card.The card spells out what a Labour government’s priorities would be in half a dozen policy areas, with promises including 40,000 extra NHS appointments a week and 6,500 new teachers in key subjects.

Slovakian PM Robert Fico escapes death ‘by a hair’ as gunman charged

Juraj Cintula, 71, was arrested at the scene after Mr Fico, a pro-Russian populist, was shot five times as he greeted a crowd in the western town of Handlova.Doctors described the prime minister’s condition as stable on Thursday morning, but Tomas Taraba, his deputy, warned that he was “not out of the woods yet”.

Iran threatens Britain for defending Israel in April attack

Britain will pay the price for helping to defend Israel from Iranian missiles and suicide drones, a top general from the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has warned.It is the first time an official from the Islamic Republic has directly threatened Britain and other Western nations since the recent surge of tensions across the Middle East.

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Picture of the day: UK to deploy new radio-wave weapon which can blast swarms of drones out of the sky

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At 10p a shot, military technology is a cost-effective alternative to traditional missiles, say experts.

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