Sunak has 'zero intention' of leaving the ECHR, warns Farage

Scots know all about tactical voting and the SNP could be its next victim
Published Time: 15.05.2024 - 17:40:48 Modified Time: 15.05.2024 - 17:40:48

By Georgia Pearce Published 15/05/2024Nigel Farage has called the Prime Minister a ‘spinner’ and said he has ‘zero intention’ of leaving the ECHR

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 15/05/2024

Nigel Farage has called the Prime Minister a ‘spinner’ and said he has ‘zero intention’ of leaving the ECHR.

Farage said the party was ‘worse than Labour’ for giving its members ‘false hope’, describing many of its MPs as ‘social democrat, One Nation careerists’.

Speaking on GB News Nigel Farage said: “The Windsor Framework as sold to us by spinner Rishi you can see now was a complete and utter lie. Sorry, strong word, but absolutely true.

“And the way Sunak does this and presents things and denies the truth: Northern Ireland is still part of the European Union, end of.

“Even though Rwanda itself might not work because of the ECHR there is no way Northern Ireland is joining that scheme.

“What is even more interesting is of course, that clever old Tony Blair wrote the ECHR into devolution agreements. He wrote it into the peace agreement in Belfast in 1998, the Good Friday Agreement as we know it. And there’s no doubt leaving the ECHR is the only way through all of these problems.

“We also must acknowledge it'll mean a lot of hard work. Re-examining the whole devolution deal, it'll mean a lot of hard work.

“But the fascinating thing is this. If boat migrants come to Britain and are put in flats or four-star hotels, abscond then to Northern Ireland, cross the border into Dublin. The Irish government will use it as an excuse to cover up for their own mass failures on legal and illegal immigration. And you know what will happen? They’ll demand a border. It really is bonkers.

“They want to con the British public. They're fighting an election. They want to deceive the British public once again. ‘Vote for us, we're not as bad as Labour! We’re conservative really; we’re terribly sorry for the last 14 years but honestly, you can trust us.’

“Don't believe a single word of it. In some ways they’re worse than Labour because they give false hope to the silent majority yet let us down every single time.

“Sunak has zero intention of leaving ECHR, absolutely zero. And he's playing the game that the Tories played over the UKIP rise on the European Union. In the end, they were forced to give a referendum and then when we said we'd leave, they tried to stop it.

“You've got to understand there is no Conservative Party. It does not exist. Their members are conservative and patriotic. Their voters are conservative and patriotic. Their parliamentary party is not.”

Responding to the idea put forward by Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg on his GB News show, Farage said:

“It is an astonishing thing to say but Jacob, play a bit of Supertramp; Their top track is called dreamer.

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