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Published Time: 15.05.2024 - 12:14:56 Modified Time: 15.05.2024 - 12:14:56

– Big Head Hockey (@BigHeadHcky) May 15, 2024 Leon Draisaitl

– 1 goal– 2 points– 1 penalty drawn (that lead to his goal)– 4 hits– 10/17 on faceoffs

Another night in the office for an injured Draisaitl. pic.twitter.com/msZ8QpG27I

– Big Head Hockey (@BigHeadHcky) May 15, 2024

And I’m not talking McJesus here. It’s still early days, but from what we understand, no one seems to see him leaving Alberta.

In fact, Leon Draisaitl could, according to rumors, want to do what Evgeni Malkin has always refused to do: want to be a team’s first center by playing elsewhere.

The guy wants to be first center on a team […] The fate of the team this year will determine what happens with him. – Georges Laraque

Because yes, in just over 13 months, if Draisaitl hasn’t signed a new contract, he’ll be as free as a bird. He is eligible to sign a contract extension as early as July 1, 2024.

And on that subject, if he does change teams, it looks like the… Sharks will be one to watch. Greg Wyshynski (ESPN) reported on Jeff Marek’s show that there’s a lot of talk in the industry the Sharks and Draisaitl. And Marek didn’t deny it, mentioning that the talk has been going on for over a year.

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The #1 reason behind all this? It seems to be the fact that the Sharks’ owner is also German. I get that it’s cool for him, but signing there just for that?

Obviously, there’s no way the Sharks would go after him this summer. After all, the club doesn’t need him right now, and I think discussions would start with the Oilers’ first overall pick. San Jose can’t trade Macklin Celebrini, we agree.

If he does, it will probably be in 2025, as a free agent. Of course, by then, he may have signed for the long term, in Edmonton or elsewhere… à la Pierre-Luc Dubois, of course.

Obviously, Draisaitl would be the Sharks’ first center, he’d be well paid… but if the reason for his potential departure from the Oilers is that he doesn’t like his chances of winning in Edmonton, let’s say he’d take 15 steps back in San Jose, which in my eyes is the farthest club from the Cup in 2024.

If he goes to San Jose on a long-term contract, it’s clearly for the money, we all agree on that?

– I was talking it yesterday: it’s possible.

Get drafted by the Habs: Sacha Boisvert wouldn’t say no! pic.twitter.com/vqtJ2JGFmS

– L’Antichambre (@Antichambre) May 15, 2024

– Interesting.

Joshua Roy in Voltigeurs jersey celebrating with friend and former teammate Ethan Gauthier! pic.twitter.com/LwOwQVYgSA

– Guillaume Lepage (@GLepageLNH) May 15, 2024

– Clearly.

In the end, there’s only one thing to say: the team ran out of juice.

Two reasons:

– The injuries. Without Bettez, Bujold, Marchment and Laskova, the team had much less playoff depth.

– Cheverie’s use of players in the first two games

– Pat Laprade (@PatLaprade) May 15, 2024

– He wants to go.

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