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Published Time: 10.02.2024 - 19:20:00 Modified Time: 10.02.2024 - 19:20:00

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Standard Sport’s Nick Purewal at Twickenham

Two masterful moments from Steward and Ford ultimately inch England to victory over Wales here.

Lots of huffing, puffing, mistakes and mayhem by both sides.

But England showed just enough grit and class to come through with the win, 16-14.


82 mins: No decision for Wales and it’s England’s lineout.

If they can successfully claim this, they should boot it straight out for the win.

Coles takes it in safely and Care chips into touch! England have won... just!

80 mins: Dyer takes in a high ball and is played in the air and into touch by Ford, demanding a whistle that isn’t initially forthcoming.

Cai Evans comes on for a late Six Nations debut for Wales.

79 mins: Steward snatches a Welsh kick and provides his own little chip as he comes barrelling through the middle, but he’s undone by the bounce of the ball and Wales just cling on.

They have it back, but deep inside their own 22 once more.

78 mins: Wales beyond 15 phases at halfway as they try and snatch a last-gasp victory here.

England’s defence are standing firm, including a great hit from Cunningham-South.

75 mins: It’s a truly frantic finish at Twickenham being played at such a pace.

Reffell with a crucial Welsh turnover there to stop England from killing the game off.

Theo Dan and Alex Coles are on for England, scrum-half Kieran Hardy for Wales.

72 mins: England lead for the first time tonight and with only eight minutes left on the clock!

Wales now have it all to do with 14 men...

71 mins: It’s yellow for Grady for a deliberate knock-on.

Jamie George wanted red there, but I think that was the right decision.