Score and latest updates from Melbourne : Tottenham vs Newcastle friendly

Social Democratic Party candidate Rod Liddle admits ‘deal’ with Reform : Planet Normal
Published Time: 22.05.2024 - 12:40:15 Modified Time: 22.05.2024 - 12:40:15

AFP/Martin Keep Chosen by us to get you up to speed at a glanceYour Mags Down Under! ????#GlobalFootballWeek // #NUFC pic

: AFP/Martin Keep

Chosen by us to get you up to speed at a glance

Your Mags Down Under! ????#GlobalFootballWeek // #NUFC pic.twitter/PlW8n2GgMp

Today's starting XI in Melbourne ????

Well, if you’re Eddie Howe and Co you go meet Plain Jane Super Brain and Susan Kennedy (two famous characters from Neighbours, as if you needed to ask...).

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What do you do at the end of a long, arduous, emotionally draining season where hopes and dreams have faded, and a campaign during which you’ve been party to a seemingly collective complaint about fixture congestion? Well, as soon as the whistle has been blown to end your final match of the Premier League season you hop on a plane, fly 24 hours round the world, possibly see some Neighbours (more on that later...) and play a match against a team you’ve already faced twice in the past nine months. That is is you’re Tottenham and Newcastle...

I’m no doctor (am sure that’s fairly obvious...) but I’m pretty sure from a medical point of view that isn’t great for the players, who doubtless after over 40 matches could do with putting their feet up on something other than a business class plane seat.


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