Brain worms: Brain worms are more common than you think. Here’s what doctors...

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Published Time: 09.05.2024 - 02:02:04 Modified Time: 09.05.2024 - 02:02:04

Though the article did not name the parasite involved, two doctors told the Globe the most likely culprit is T. solium, a pork tapeworm that is by far the most common brain worm. Brain worms

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Though less common, other parasites are also a possibility. They include a flat worm contracted through wading into or swimming in some fresh water sources, predominantly in Brazil, but also in Africa and Asia. It usually infects the intestines, the liver and the bladder, and its eggs can migrate to the brain. Another type of worm is passed on by infected slugs, which shed the parasite in slime that sometimes gets onto vegetables consumed by humans and can then make its way to the brain. It can cause meningitis and has led to outbreaks in China, Southeast Asia and Hawaii. The most fatal is a brain-eating amoeba that is often contracted in warm fresh water, ingested through the nose, and often leads to encephalitis that is almost always fatal.

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